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Wonderful Parenting Resources!

Carolina Kinder Development offers a wide variety of services, including a number of new videos on demand. These lively and engaging videos show parents solid techniques for helping their baby (and baby’s head!) develop during the formative months of life. Please check out their videos on demand by clicking HERE!
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Thanks to Susan at Carolina Kinder Development for sharing these wonderful resources!

Tummy Time & Other Resources

Check Out Dr. Zachry’s Book: Retro Baby, Cut Back on All the Gear and Boost Your Baby’s Development with 100 Time-Tested Activities

Check Out Dr. Zachry’s Blog: Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips

Listen to Dr. Zachry on Special Kids School Talk Radio Show: Assistive Technology: Bridge to Independence    

Watch The Tummy Time Video

Tummy Time Tips Website

Does your baby hate tummy time? With time and a few simple techniques, any infant can learn to tolerate tummy time. My website www.TummyTimeTips.com provides tips on how to introduce tummy time and increase an infant’s tolerance without making parents’ and baby’s life miserable. To visit the site, just click HERE!

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