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A Wonderful Resource: From Rattles to Writing

This book is a must have for therapists, parents, and any professional that works with young children! Are you in need of a solid resource full of fun, playful activities that help children build a strong developmental foundation? If so, “From Rattles to Writing” is for you! In this wonderful book, occupational therapist Barbara Smith shares skill-building games, songs, activities, and toys for children with and without special needs. The activities in this wonderful resource develop the visual motor and sensory processing skills that are necessary for a child to be successful in school. There are also specific strategies for improving pencil grasp, writing, and cutting with scissors.
“From Rattles to Writing” is #1 on my list of highly recommended books!
Barbara Smith, M.S., OTR/L is also seminar presenter and author of The Recycling Occupational Therapist. For more information, check out her website at: RecyclingOT.com.

Live Your Most Authentic Life!

How many hats do you wear in an average day? The list is probably quite long… mom, wife, chef, employee, chauffer, housekeeper, and many more!

You dedicate countless hours to your many responsibilities, why not set aside some time for yourself? You can do this by signing up for my new self improvement course, Living Your Most Authentic Life. The course will help you will gain a clear perspective of your strengths, vulnerabilities, beliefs, emotions, and motivators. There are weekly exercises, activities, audio excerpts, and images that can be used to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, as well as how to discover true joy.

As soon as you sign up for the course (you choose how much you want to pay), your first lesson will be available. The remaining lessons will be emailed to you weekly. Don’t miss this self improvement opportunity!

Here are several of the topics that are covered:

The Path to Self-Discovery– Learn how to become more aware of your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

Understanding and Dealing with Discontent– Discover how discontent can be used as a positive, driving force in your life.

How to Live Passionately– Tap into your creative side to experience flow and passion.

Mortality: The Gift That Keeps on Giving– Learn how to accept the aging process, as well as mortality, in order to truly give of yourself without reservation.

The Gift of Love– Find love through forgiveness, giving to others, prayer, and meditation

Your Soul’s True Joy– Realize who you were created to be and begin to live your true purpose.

 Click HERE to sign up!

Tummy Time Tips

As a parent, do you dread tummy time? Does your baby cry every time you position her on her belly? Tummy time that is provided on a daily basis leads to the mastery of important motor milestones, such as rolling over, pulling up, and crawling. Also, infants who aren’t exposed to tummy time are at risk for motor skill delays and developing flat spots on the head.

Click HERE to for some helpful tummy time tips! 

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