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Many children just make the age cutoff to start kindergarten, and parents sometimes have a difficult time deciding whether to send their youngster on to school or hold him back for a year. There are pros and cons to either decision, but there are several factors that parents may want to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to move forward with kindergarten.

  • How mature is your child for her age? Does she play well with children slightly older than her, or does she typically play with younger peers/siblings.
  • What does your child’s preschool have to say on the matter? This is usually one of your best sources of information. Your child’s teacher will know if your little one has the social, motor, and/or academic skills needed for kindergarten.
  • Speak to the staff at the new school. Are children often held back? What are the demands for the kindergarten year?
  • Talk to other parents who have held their children back, as well as those who have not.┬áListen to the pros and cons and carefully consider all of this information before making your decision.

Click here to read a great story that CBS News did on this topic. Be sure to watch the video segment as well.