Selecting the right baby toys is important if you want to promote development in your infant.  When choosing toys for your twelve to twenty-four month old, make sure that you select items that are colorful and interactive. Playtime is the perfect time for your infant to gain important developmental skills, and these old fashioned classics are wonderful options.


Shape Sorter! This is a fun toy that is wonderful for development. Your baby can sort and stack the forms and learn to identify and match shapes with your help. Selecting and placing the proper shape promotes visual perceptual skills and develops eye hand coordination. Babies love to take items in and out of containers, so this toy typically keeps a child occupied for a while!


Classic building blocks are another option that’s great for motor skills. During play, teach your baby about colors and letters in the alphabet. Stacking and building with blocks addresses grasp and release skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual perceptual skills. When your baby is old enough, you can also teach her how to copy basic block designs.


This wooden pounding bench is one of my favorites! Pounding the pegs with the mallet develops eye hand coordination in babies and children, and it’s an awesome way to release all of the energy that little ones have. Once all the pegs are pounded down, the bench can be flipped over, and your baby can pound them down again!