A study to be published in the June 2012 edition of Pediatrics, the official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, reports an increase in the number of injuries related to the use of baby bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups in children younger than age three. Baby bottles accounted for the highest number of injuries, then pacifiers, and sippy cups, with the injuries occurring to the mouth, head, face or neck.

The researchers reported that the majority of injuries occurred due to falls while holding the product, suggesting that the children may have been walking or running at the time of the accident. The logical solution is to require children to stay seated while drinking from a baby bottle or sippy cup, or when using a pacifier.

Here are several more tips for keeping your baby safe:

• Supervise your child at all times

• Floors should remain free of toys and items that can be tripped over

• Always use a securely fitted safety harness in a highchair or bouncer seat

• Never leave your baby unattended on a raised surface

• Never place a baby bouncers on a raised surface

• The use of baby-walkers and table-mounted high chairs is not recommended