Every parent wants to know how to prevent SIDS.  SIDS is the sudden, unexplained death of an infant one year of age or younger.  The majority of SIDS deaths occur between the ages of 1 month and 4 months.  Here are a number of ways to reduce the risk of SIDS.

  1.  Always place your baby to sleep on his or her back in a crib, for night and for naps in the same room where you are.
  2. Place baby to sleep on a firm mattress with a fitted sheet and no loose blankets, pillows, bedding, crib bumpers, or stuffed animals.
  3. Avoid putting baby to sleep in carriers, swings, sofas, or on a soft mattress.
  4. Mothers should not smoke, drink or take drugs during pregnancy, and do not allow any one to smoke around your baby.
  5. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS.
  6. Give baby a pacifier (not attached with a ribbon/string) at night. If the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth, don’t replace it.
  7. Don’t let baby get overheated by keeping the room at a comfortable temperature and dressing her in one layer.
  8. Keep your baby up to date with vaccinations.
  9. Avoid using products that say they will reduce SIDS such as wedges and sleep positioners.

During baby’s waking hours, provide plenty of tummy time.  This will help strengthen baby’s arm, neck, and trunk muscles.

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