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Tips to promote development while waiting in line with your child

Have you ever found yourself waiting in a long line with your child? This happens even more frequently during the busy holiday season when you’re trying to get all of your shopping done. Here are several fun ideas to keep your child busy while you wait, and an added bonus is that these activities promote development!

1) Scan your immediate environment and tell you child, “I see a rectangle (ex. magazine). Can you find one?” Once your child locates the item, encourage her to find a shape that you can search for. This can also be done using different colors. This is great for your child’s attention span and visual scanning skills.

2) Play several games of Simon Says while you wait. This activity promotes active listening skills.

3) Play the “Rhyme Game” by naming a word and having your child come up with as many rhyming words as possible. Naming rhyming words is great for language skills.

4) Practice counting (this can also be done counting by twos or counting backwards) or have him work on basic adding and subtraction problems to promote math skills.

5) Point out an item and have your child spell the word or one of the item’s characteristics (color, shape, etc.). This is good for language and spelling skills.


Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Now long after your infant discovers his own hands, he begins to explore using his fine motor skills. Before you know it, your little one is picking up a Cheerio for snack, holding a cup, and eventually zipping his pants. It is through the use of the hands that babies and toddlers learn about the world around them. Through exploration, they gradually develop fine motor muscle control and coordination skills.

Here are several fine motor activities for toddlers and preschoolers that help develop fine-motor skills.

  • Finger Painting-show your child how to use her index finger to make lines or shapes in the paint. Talk about the different shapes or designs your child makes. Mix different colors to make new colors.
  • Lacing Cards– You can make these out of a file folder. Just cut them into different shapes, then use a hole punch to punch holes around the edges. Have your little one lace a shoestring in and out of the holes.
  • Placing Stickers on Paper- Have the child make different designs, or shapes using the stickers.
  • Sidewalk chalk- show your child how to imitate strokes, such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, circles, and crosses, etc., gradually making the strokes more challenging.
  • Child-Clip Activity- Have your child squeeze and place “chip-clips” onto the edge of a shoebox.
  • Eyedropper Designs- Fill an eyedropper with colored water and have the child squeeze small drops of water onto paper to make designs.
  • Tong Activities- Use kitchen tongs to sort items by shape, size, or color, or to stack blocks. (This is a great activity for pre-scissor skills!)  


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