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Photo Credit: Praisaeng

Photo Credit: Praisaeng

Touch plays an important role in infant development, and research reveals that infant massage is beneficial.  When you massage your baby, you are bonding and forming a special connection!  In fact, research tells us that regular massage is calming, improves sleep, and reduces infant stress.  You can start massaging your baby at the age of 2 to 3 weeks with your pediatrician’s approval.  For more information on baby massage, I highly recommend “Aimee’s Babies Developmental DVD with Baby Massage.”

Benefits of Massage:

-Improved growth and development

-Stress reduction

-Calms the infant


-Improved body awareness

-Improved sleep

Don’t Massage Your Baby When:

-Baby is ill

-Baby has a rash or skill condition

-Baby arches body or resists during massage

-Baby cries during massage and won’t stop

-Your baby’s breathing increases during massage