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Have you ever wondered how to help kids learn self-control?  Many children who enter kindergarten have limited self-control, and this weak foundation puts them at risk for not being able to catch up with their peers.  Early Social and emotional experiences are important for school preparation, and these experiences play a role in the development of self-control.  This means it’s critical that parents be sensitive to a child’s needs and to provide a secure, trusting environment.

In fact, Kindergarten teachers state that self-control is an important precursor to attention to task and the ability to following instructions. These skills are key for a child to be successful in school.

How to Help Kids with Self-Control

-Show your child how to behave by being an appropriate role model.

-Praise your child for working hard, being patient and sticking with a task.

-Set appropriate limits and allow your child to learn naturally from minor mistakes.

-Avoid harsh disciple. Consider time outs or another strategy to address problem behaviors.

-Always be there to comfort and reassure your child during stressful times.

These strategies will foster self-control in a child, ultimately promoting positive social and emotional development.

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