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Babies are like sponges! They are “soaking in” their surroundings and learning about the world every minute of every day.   Playtime is the perfect time for your child to explore the environment and gain important skills.  There are lots of toys that promote infant development. When selecting toys for your baby, choose those that require eye-hand coordination and tap into problem solving skills. Toys and activities should also involve all of the senses, including hearing, seeing and touching. It’s also important that the toys that you select for your child are appropriate to where your child is developmentally. Most importantly, be sure to interact with your baby during play! The more words that your baby hears each hour, the more successful she will be in the future in school and in life. Here are some of my favorite toys that promote infant development for babies birth to one year.Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 5.04.35 PM Stacking & Nesting Cups!  Stack them, nest them, teach your baby about the colors, show him how to put items in the cups and take them out. It’s also fun to hide items underneath the cups. Around 8 months of age, your baby will start to look for hidden items!

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 Snap Blocks! These snap toys encourage your child to use two hands together and promote fine motor skills. While your baby is playing with these, be sure to describe the various shapes and colors!

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Stacking Toy! This colorful toy is a classic! The stacking task is nice for developing eye-hand coordination. While your baby is playing with the rings, you can teach him about the different colors and the concepts of big and small.